Strategic Coaching for High Performance Leadership  

 Training Date:  Aug. 6 -13, 2018        Venue:  Houston/ Dallas


High performance organizations and preferred places to work take delight in employee development, developing leadership through growing employee skills, engaging them and creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement in regards to their contributions in actualizing the organizational goals.


A creative and motivational learning culture could be realized through didactic coaching and is very instrumental to performance enhancement, continuous improvement which fuels high performance leadership and retention of core talents. Coaching is about building on potential and creating a culture by leaders in the organization on how they want things done to drive corporate goals.

While the leader is in a position to influence culture change, thorough change and high performance entails the involvement of the entire team and this could be actualized through trust and enhancing the motivation/capabilities of those that follow.


This course will teach participants the fundamentals of coaching principles and skills needed for high performance leadership. It will give participants an understanding of key to effective coaching, transformative leadership; emotional intelligence development, development of personal leadership vision and the neuroscience of human change and its application with change. Participants will understand coaching impact on employees; differentiate between coaching and other conversations. The creation of sustained excellence achieved through coaching is expected to create significant return on investment and to impact the organizational culture for high performance.

This course is interactive and there will be role play and review of necessary film clips on correct coaching models and pit falls.


Course Outline:

  • Understanding trends shaping organizational development and culture

  • Defining coaching

  • Understanding how coaching impacts organizational culture

  • Difference between coaching and organizational development

  • Coaching for performance – Introduction to the fundamentals of coaching principles and skills necessary for high performance leadership

  • Differentiate between formal and informal coaching

  • Differentiate between coaching and other forms of conversation

  • Identify coaching road blocks and tactical remedies

  • Coaching models/Frameworks : ACHIEVE, CLEAR, FUEL, GROW, OSKAR, SOLVE and STAR

  • Creating a coaching plan

  • The key to effective coaching –Building relationship, provide assessment, challenging thinking and assumptions, supporting and encouraging, driving results

  • Understanding transformative leadership

  • Effective communication skill


  • Innovative thinking

  • Sound and quick decision making

  • Vision to inspire high performance leadership

  • Differentiating between transformational and transactional leadership

  • Empowering peoplePersonal leadership vision

  • Neuroscience of human change and application within business/organizations

  • Advanced coaching competencies

  • Coaching and return on investment (ROI)

  • Review

  • Film clips


Who will attend?

  • Leaders, Managers

  • HR managers and supervisors

  • Line leadsAny officer than has staff  to mentor

  • Any person aspiring to be a coach



Course Duration:  1 week


Course Location:  Houston/ Dallas


Training Date:  Aug. 6 -13, 2018










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