Course ID 015E:  Reservoir Engineering   July 21 - 25  * Houston

The objective of this course is the development of a more complete understanding of the fluid flow in porous media, covering reservoir flow mechanisms, primary production, secondary production (water flooding) to tertiary mechanisms, namely enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The participants will learn the basic analytical and computational tools in reservoir management. Dracy’s flow, multiphase flow and material balance equations are emphasized. Also, the principles of integrated reservoir management will be discussed.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to reservoir engineering; reservoir life-cycle, reservoir environment and formation properties; fluid contacts and relative permeability; fundamentals of fluid phase behavior

  • Fundamentals of fluid flow  in porous media - The mathematics of fluid flow in porous media; conservation and Darcy’s equation; development of diffusivity equation; well testing technology; flow regimes and diagnostic plots; decline curve techniques and material balance

  • Recovery mechanisms, water flooding techniques; coning and cusping issues; water influx

  • Enhanced oil recovery mechanisms; EOR screening; Gas injection as miscible and immiscible displacement; CO2 injection;  Chemical EOP ( Polymer and Surfactant injection)

  • Reservoir simulation techniques; Data integration; Integrated reservoir management, subsurface and surface coupling


Who Should Attend:

  • Geologist, geophysicist, engineer, petrophysicist, production engineer

  • Reservoir engineer, exploration and production engineer, leaders, research personnel



Course Duration: 5 days


Course Fee$4,000                                                                  


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