Course ID 006B:  Petroleum Law/Contract and Fiscal Terms   April 29 -30  * Houston

Petroleum Fiscal System denotes contractual arrangement which permits a petroleum production operation  between a government/landowner

and the E & P company.


Course Overview

 The objective of this course is to equip attendees with knowledge on various contracts used in making exploration deals.

It will present the tax and financial advantages, pitfalls and alternative deals. The training will cover Concession Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Production Sharing Agreements, Risk Service Contracts and Buy back Contracts.


This course is interactive, entails case study analysis and role-plays.


Course Outline:

Part A

History of oil and gas

State and future of  the oil and gas market

Seeking authorization





Part B

Seeking authorization – (confidentiality agreement, area of mutual interest agreement, bidding agreement)

Authorization – ( license, a concession, a lease, petroleum agreement)


Part C

Classification of petroleum contracts


Production sharing

Risk services

Non – risk services

Petroleum contracts


Production sharing contracts

Revenue sharing contracts

Service contracts

Loan agreements


Joint ventures agreements    - Drilling contracts, Farm-out contracts, Purchase – of interest contracts,   Production – decommissioning phase agreements

Contract comparison


Direct income for the state

Reserve estimates

Tax advantages and pit falls

National petroleum laws and production sharing contracts in the context of petroleum fiscal contracts applicable to participants countries

Ranking of regions for their fiscal /contractual conditions


  Who Should Attend:

Lawyers, paralegals, personnel in the legal department,¨ Contract managers, commercial managers, business development   and New venture managers, project managers,Geologists, geophysicists, engineers, accountants, investors, bankers, managers at all levels, will benefit from this program.  
Every personnel that has something to do with understanding the petroleum fiscal contracts. Government officials that deal with petroleum contracts.


Course Duration :2 Days


Course  Fee: $1,500                                                                  




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