Course ID 011B: Managing Risk & Crisi at Project Levels  June 16 - 20  *  Houston 

We live in an era of drastically increased competition for available oil and gas. This has produced great price volatility, concern over oil security and sometimes loss revenue to operators and nations. Dwindling oil reserves in some regions, well maturation, drastically increased demand from economic giants and political instability in some of the producing regions affect the oil industry. Crisis on its own can disrupt projects and production. Most of the time crisis does not come out openly to announce that it is about to happen. Managers, supervisors and team leader should always be at alert and prepared to manage crisis and at the same time managing risk at all levels of project.


This course focuses on how oil and gas industries can avert and respond to these trends to maintain productivity, survival, and also remain good neighbors through proper risk and crisis management at the project level.


This course entails discussions, presentations, case studies and team work.


Course Outline:

  • Current trends in the oil and gas industry

  • Understand project phases in exploration and production

  • Defining and understanding risk in the oil and gas industry

  • Identify risks and develop risk mitigation strategies

  • The impact of geopolitics on  exploration, production and trading of oil and gas

  • Political risk analysis, contract management, enterprise management, Joint venture management

  • Understanding the roles of national oil companies and relationship with other operators

  • Understand petroleum laws and local content policy, corporate social responsibility

  • Finance controls, business process controls, IT process controls, Operational process controls

  • Oil and gas project management

  • Infrastructures

  • Human capital management

  • Health, Safety, Environment

  • Economics analysis

  • Improvement of asset management


  • Business process efficiency

  • Define and understand crisis at project level and how to manage it

  • Understanding and apprehending crisis

  • Setting up team,

  • Solutions for crisis management

  • Facing the media during crisis and knowing what to say to all stakeholders

  • How to benefit from crisis management

  • Case Studies on risk and crisis management in the oil and gas industry

  • Successful  and failed risk and crisis management


Who Should Attend

  • Managers, project managers, engineers, , geologists, production staff, supervisor

  • Asset managers, public relations senior personnel, contract managers and any personnel that will benefit from this training


Course Duration: 5 days


Course  Fee: $3,500                                                                       


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