Course ID 003A: International Petroleum Asset Management March 26 -29, 2014 * Houston

To be efficient and effective an oil and gas manager should have a good understanding of the industry. The manager should understand the relationship of the various value chains and their roles in the company. An effective manager is also required to carry out soundly the principal functions of management which entails: organizing, planning, pleading and controlling.

Oil and gas industry involves lot of assets which are to be managed effectively for the organizational goals and bottom –line to be met. These assets could range from tangible and intangible.  At any given time in the process of operation, it is essential for managers to be aware of the integrity, readiness, availability and location of these assets to be able to put them into maximum use and ensure successful outcome.


This course is designed for line and assets managers to provide the tools to manage the various resources and assets of the company at their disposal effectively for production optimization. The course involves presentations, interactions, case study analysis and simulations. Participants will learn from experts with proven experience in managing complex oil and gas assets.


Course outline:

 ¨ Introduction to oil and gas

¨ Changing trends in the industry and its impact on the market

¨ Exploration and Production processes

¨ Laws, regulations and frameworks governing E & P (in the context of  focused countries)

¨ Management functions: organizing, planning, leading, controlling

¨ Strategic planning, Team building, Team management, Conflict Resolution

¨ Asset management

¨ Asset integrity management, management of complex networks of critical assets

¨ Proactive asset management, geospatial asset management, workforce or human capital management, quality management, capacity building, performance enhancement

¨ Finance, Hydrocarbon accounting

¨ Economic Risk

¨ Mergers , acquisitions & Divestments (MAD)

¨ Leadership, Fundamentals of Crisis Management

¨ Technology, Information technology

¨ Health Safety, Environment and Security

¨ Business simulation


Who  Should Attend

 Line managers, asset managers, project managers, supervisors, those aspiring to be promoted to management position, new management recruits transferring from another industry


Course Duration:        3 Days


Course Fee:                  US$2,500                                                                                         




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