Course Overview:

The seminar is designed for people wishing to gain a profound understanding of oil and gas industry most pressing issues as well as enumerate the importance of joint venture partnership. It aims at sharpening of participants thinking of different types of agreements in the energy mix markets, enumerate rights and obligations of the contractors (including EPC contracts) and issues with drafting JV and Gas license funding structures including exit strategies among others. Special segments in this course are focused on gas contracts/ agreements which also entails downstream legal dynamics. Upstream contracts and legal dealings in the crude oil sector will also be treated as one of the segments in this unique course.


Business Objectives:

This training shares the approaches and tools used by professionals for the legal and commercial/business development teams in the gas industry to develop long lasting and profitable joint venture agreements. It explores and explains the routines and tactics, which have proven to be successful in high value and complex gas JV negotiations.


Who should attend

The program will benefit  middle and senior-level managers from all companies in the energy sector, banks, administrations, international organisations and research institutions.


Course outline:

  • Introduction/ Global trends in the oil and gas industry

  • Review of contracts and project  lifecycles in gas operations

  • Classification of petroleum contracts (concession, petroleum sharing contracts, revenue sharing contracts, service contracts, risk , non –risk, partnership, etc.

  • Petroleum contract comparison – production, direct income for state, reserve estimation, tax advantages and pit falls

  • The role of joint ventures in oil and gas industry

  • Why nations and companies enter into joint ventures

  • Industry trends and changes that impact joint ventures

  • Strategies for partnering and partnering models

  • Alliances, partnerships, and joint ventures

  • Incorporated and unincorporated joint ventures, Chain joint ventures

  • Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement

  • Contracting in the Upstream & Downstream Sectors – Transportation, Shipping, Storage

  • Oil Contracts

  • Gas Contracts

  • Sales Agreements: Gas Sales Agreements & LNG SPAs

  • Contracts Pricing of Gas

  • Crude Oil Sales Agreements

  • Joint venture operating principles and performance management

  • Setting up joint ventures, essential agreements, issues, negotiations

  • Managing joint ventures and funding

  • Joint venture operations – successes and failures

  • Examples of successful and failed joint ventures and lessons learned from them

  • Cultural differences , conflict resolution

  • Introduction to Engineering, Procurement, Construction ( Construction Management, Installation)

  • Differences between EPC, EPCM and EPCMI

  • Petroleum laws, local content policy and various government regulations

  • Upstream, downstream and environment regulations and impact on the industry

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Sarbanes Oxley, Clean Air Act, Extractive Transparency.

  • Force Majeure and Dispute Settlements

  • Dispute Resolution in Oil and Gas

  • Adjudication o f Oil & Gas Disputes

  • International Arbitration

  • Arbitration

  • Mediation



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Course ID 0011C:

Fundamentals of International Gas Joint Ventures and Partnerships.Including Comparative Study of its Contracts & Fiscal Terms

Marriott Westchase, Houston, USA

November 24 -26, 2015

9.00 am – 5.00 pm Daily


Course Fee (excluding accommodation):US $2,500   

Package Includes: 1 Day Class at Thurgood Marshall Law School ( Texas Southern University, Houston) - Nov. 28, 2015              

Certificate will be awarded by the Law School and also a field trip to NASA Space Mission Center  (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) is a unique tourist center in USA.



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