Reservoir characterization entails the processes that take place from the phase the discovery of as property is made and the reservoir management phase. This process involves the technical aspect of geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, production engineering, petrophysics, economics and data management.


In this course, the participant whether geologists, engineers, production manager, or petrophysicst are to prepare their mind as business managers who are using geological tools and skill to solve a crucial business problems. Sound decision making is the goal. This course will be focused on modeling each reservoir unit, predicting the well behavior, understanding the past performance of the reservoir and making forecast on the future of the reservoir performance and managing data.


Learning Outcome:

  • Participants will be able to develop multi-disciplinary reservoir model that will be able to determine: both internal and external geometry of the reservoir, static model and dynamic model

  • Be able to predict local variations with the reservoir

  • Understand and explain past reservoir performance

  • Predict future performance of the reservoir

  • Analyze economic optimization of each property

  • Formulate a plan for the development of the field throughout its life

  • Connect data from one discipline to another and be able to manage such data

  • Extrapolate data from few discrete points to the entire reservoir

  • Calibrate seismic data for the reservoir

  • Understand economics and risking: volumetrics, probability of success, financial returns of projects

  • Handle organization structure: team building, team style, team communication, leadership

  • Assist the reservoir characterization team to work effectively and efficiently

  • Control development expenditure

  • Ensure and expedite management decision concerning property


Who Should Attend:

  • Geologist, Geophysicist, engineer, petrophysicist, production engineer

  • Reservoir engineer, exploration and production engineer, leaders, research personnel


Course Duration: 5 Days


Course Fee: $4,000                                             

Course ID 013E: Integrated Reservoir Characterization July 1 - 5  * Houston


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