Innovative Project Management and Strategic Application of Digital Transformation -  Focused Training/Workshop - ONLINE (ZOOM) - Sept 9 -10, 2020

Course overview:


Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. The aim of every project is successful completion on time within established scope and budget. Despite the core role of traditional project management to prevent failure and accomplish projects successfully within the zone of the golden triangle has remained a huge challenge. As projects become more complex, requiring longer time and bigger budgets, it impacts the chances of successful completion which is the objective of every project. A business survey conducted by KPMG said that half of businesses surveyed experience at least one project failure in a given year.


Traditional Project management puts a process in place that prevents failure, that remains a comfort zone for business and ensures predictability as first step for proactive in project management. However, sometimes things go wrong beyond the established guidelines, either because the process was not followed, or was flawed or the unexpected happened. Sometimes, it becomes too difficult and challenging for the project manager and team to take prompt decisions, detect failure before it happens or communicate effectively to save situations and reach the expected goal. Many times, project managers have bemoaned that a project failed because of communication breakdown within the team, project manager-sponsors or company-project manager and EPC Company.


This is where innovative project management and strategic application of digital transformation comes in. Innovative project management and strategic application of digital transformation is extreme project management  (EPM) or agile project management that  inculcates 360 degree  leadership, integration of technology and digital tools in adding values to projects delivery through enhanced real time decision making, problem solving through  predictable analysis by the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tasks, make process recommendations, detect the unknown and uncertainties, accurately predict project risks, create proactive knowledge based ecosystem among team, boost communication, collaboration, safe environment, unveil team insights, do functional human resources placement or team staffing,  and finally ensure that high quality projects boosted with value are delivered on time and within scope and budget.

This is not to say that traditional project management is a core enemy to project s. However, for a project to have the assurance of full success and creating a knowledge based and collaborative culture, project managers and teams should become innovative and integrate digital transformation tools in administrating projects for excellent results and outcomes.

This is a 3 days online workshop/training to be administered through Zoom for 2hrs every day with 20 minutes break.


What participants will learn?

  • How to become a 360 degrees Project Manager and Leader

  • Fundamentals of Innovative Project Management and Sound Decision Making in Real Time

  • Skills and Knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and integration of Artificial intelligence and Digital Transformation in Managing Projects

  • How to automatically reduce individual idle hours in project management

  • How to be more focused on results than process

  • Participants will learn how to use data and analytics for improved processes, risk and ROI

  • Participants will be able to ensure collaboration and enhance efficient communication with team, company, EPC, vendors and other stakeholders

  • How to reduce failure and achieve successful projects within time, scope and budget in a less strenuous manner



Who will participate?

  • Project managers - both technical and non technical

  • Project Leads – technical and non technical

  • Communication Managers, Supervisors, Leads

  • Contract Managers and Supervisors

  • Project Engineers

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Managers and Supervisors

  • EPC contractors

  • Anyone involved in projects of any type and would benefit from this workshop/training


Course Outline:         To be sent on request based on proposal        

Course System:         Online through Zoom

Course Date:               Sept 15 -17, 2020

Time:                                3:00PM – 5:00PM Nigeria/WAT/UK, 8.00AM – 10:00AM Houston

Course Fee:                 $400 USD per participants or N200,000 (One hundred & Fifty Thousand Naira) per participants. Registration of participants by companies could also be covered through customized (tailored) sponsorship to be discussed and agreed between company and organizer.



Director of Training/Workshop
School of Energy & Corporate Leadership
Tel: +1(281) 691 5725



TO  REGISTER and PAY IN NAIRA : Send Email to Energycorporateafrica  for payment details



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