Course ID 010D:  Fundamentals of Hydrocarbon Exploration   June 9 -10  *  Houston

Prospecting and exploration fall within the first step for finding oil and gas. Understanding of geological processes that are relevant for the formation of oil and gas are the fundamental knowledge that geologists working for oil and gas companies or governments should have. Added to the essential knowledge is the need to understand various stages involved in exploration work flow, skills and knowledge of vital tools used in hydrocarbon exploration.


This course which entails instructions, case studies, hands-on exercises on various modeling, touches the length and breadth of hydrocarbon exploration. Computer is required for this course.


 This course discusses the fundamentals of all aspects of petroleum exploration.


Course Outline:

  • Basin Analysis – understanding basin and mechanisms of basin formation

  • Basin Classification, Basin and Sequence Stratigraphy

  • Interpreting basin stratigraphy, Prospectivity

  • Global Tectonics – Tectonic Theories

  • Plate Tectonics – passive continental margins, continental convergent margins, continental collision margins, accreted terrance margins

  • Geological Prospecting – Characteristics of deposits, prospecting indicators

  • Geological Exploration – Physical Properties

  • Geochemical Exploration

  • Maturity Calculation

  • Assessment of source rock

  • Petroleum System Modelling

  • Predicting fluid type (oil or gas) Volumes, Composition & Quantifying Risk/Uncertainties

  • Prospectivity Ranking of Basins, Plays & Prospects

  • Exploration Economics

  • Exercise and data integration

  • Global trends affecting hydrocarbon exploration

  • Summary


Who Should Attend

Geologists, Geophysicists, Exploration Team Leaders, Exploration Managers


Course Duration2 Days


Course Fee: $1,500                                                           


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