Fundamentals of Global Cultural Environment, Domestic and Foreign Corrupt Practice in the Oil/Gas Industry|  Nov 12 -26, 2018 |  Houston


The oil and gas industry is complex and within the gamut are various activities in the value chains that involves human interactions, negotiations and environments that could trigger cultural feelings, lobbying and emotions which could result in positive or negative outcomes. Due to the essential nature of oil and gas as global commodities and major revenue earners mostly for developing countries meant for economic and social developments, the need to ensure extractive transparency has become paramount. With new reforms, legislations and policies, it is no longer business as usual. Countries are bent on making the best usage of the revenues accruing from their natural resources in order to avoid mismanagement, looting and lack of transparency in transactions.


To avoid pitfalls in lack of transparency and shadiness, it is necessary that  oil and gas workers , especially those who are in positions of decision making  or awarding contracts should understand the global cultural environment that could influence bribery, and the legal implications of domestic and corrupt practice act as is rigorously pursued by many countries and United  States government.


Course outline:

  • Understanding the oil and gas environment and current trends reshaping the industry

  • Review of business and government

  • Discuss and understand business and ethics

  • Differentiate between gift, charity and corporate social responsibility

  • Understanding corruption and methods of corruption

  • What influences corruption?

  • Understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

  • Anti-bribery provision and facilitation of payment

  • Understand your company’s risk of being involved in international bribery

  • Understand all 3rd party involved in your company’s business

  • Creating internal control and compliance

  • Sarbanes Oxley

  • Ethical issues and challenges

  • Concept of Whistle blowing

  • Understanding global cultural environment and how

  • Understanding  global cultural environment and how it influences corruption

  • Analytical approaches to cultural factors – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Hofstede’s national culture dimension, Inglehart’s world value survey, Schwartz’s cultural value orientations, Leung & bond’s social axiom

  • Understand environmental sensitivity and cross-cultural complications

  • Making management and operations people know what can put them in trouble from regulatory and legal standpoint

  • Understanding extractive transparency and ant-corruption policy /compliance

  • Role of the compliance officer

  • Legal risk , consequences and failed companies/individuals

  • Overcoming challenges

  • Lessons learnt

  • Review


  • Course Duration: Nov 12 -26, 2018|  Houston


  • Who will attend?

  • Managers

  • Supervisors, Inter-government relations personnel

  • Accountants, Finance and Commercial Officers

  • Lawyers, Procurement Officers

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