Course ID 004B:  Flow Assurance in Offshore Production  April 7 - 11  *  Houston

The huge financial loss due to interruption of productions in offshore facilities and the catastrophic damages to assets have given prominence to the issues of flow assurance. The need to ensure economic flow of hydrocarbon stream from reservoir to storage at the envisaged capacity rate could sometimes be problematic and to assure steady and smooth flow of the hydrocarbon streams has continued to be a challenge or rather one of the major focuses of operators.

This course will provide participants with wider view of flow issues and how to mitigate flow problems such as hydrate formation, high pressure, high viscosity, low temperature, etc.  The course will also provide insights into cogs in the wheel of operational management, project execution, economic downsides and loss of assets due to flow assurance problems and would proffer solutions.


Course Content:

  • Overview of  offshore hydrocarbon production

  • Reservoirs

  • Subsea production systems

  • Subsea operations

  • Commissioning and start-up

  • Cost estimation of subsea operations – CAPEX, OPEX, RISEX, RAMEX

  • Dynamics of oil and gas  fluid transportation properties

  • Fluid phase determination and Flow analysis

  • Surge build up and Surge analysis

  • Flow assurance considerations – Hydrates, Slugging, Wax, Asphaltenes, Scales, Erosion, Corrosion,

  • Prevention  & Remediations-Chemical injection, Hydrate inhibition, Paraffin inhibitors, Asphaltene Inhibitors

  • Well testing

  • Pigging operations

  • Inspection and maintenance

  • Flow assurance technologies and innovations in the industry


Who Should Attend

Facility engineers and workers, oil and gas design engineers, reservoir engineers, oil field chemists, petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, drilling engineers, subsea engineers, researches, operations managers, supervisors and technologies.


Course Duration:  5 days


Course Fee: $3,000                                                                                           



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