Course ID 023G: Environmental Management & Operational Impact  October 27 -31  * Houston

More often we hear about the acronym: NIMBY (Not in my back yard). Nobody wants toxic elements to be dumped in their backyard or have their environment destroyed intentionally or accidentally as a result of work operations. Abuse on the environmental has led to operations short down, deaths, destruction of the ecology, deprivation of economic means of livelihood, loss of revenue, myriads of litigations, frictions with stakeholders and communities and business closure.

At the end of this course participants will understand:

  • Environmental issues and challenges in the petroleum industry

  • Ethical, legal and financial reasons for protecting the environment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental contaminations and controls

  • Apply environmental management system

  • Environmental management as part of organization’s culture

  • Monitor procedures and ensure audit


Course Content:

  • Overview of the environment/ecology

  • Insight into Oil and Gas E xploration and Production activities

  • Challenges , Issues and Impact of Oil and Gas operations on the Environment

  • Introduction to Petroleum Law

  • Ethical, Legal and Financial Consideration on Protecting the Environment

  • Purpose of Environment Policy

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Emissions, Contaminations & Pollution Control

  • Emergency Response

  • Atmosphere, Water and Land

  • Environmental Management System

  • Organizing, Planning, Leading, and Control

  • Environment as part of Organizational Culture

  • Setting up Environmental Management Team

  • Communication

  • Evaluating Environmental aspect: qualitative and quantitative data

  • Performance Enhancement, Quality Assurance, Maintenance Management

  • Monitoring Procedures

  • Inspections

  • Environmental Auditing & reporting

  • Best Practices and Case Studies


Who Should  Attend:

  • Environmental personnel, managers, supervisors

  • HSE personnel

  • Project Managers, Engineers, Geologists


Course Duration: 5 days                                                          

COURSE FEE: $3,500



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