Effective Public Relations & Crisis Management

Training Date: Aug 13 – 23, 2018          Venue:     Houston


The complexity of today’s business and the relationship between organization and stakeholders alludes to the fact that crisis could occur at any time in the day to day operations. Crisis is unpredictable event that could happen with or without warning and could harm the organization financially, socially or totally destroy the brand.


Therefore a PR helps to promote the values of an organization, organizations must be alert on how to effectively manage unpredicted events which could lead to crisis and destroy their relationship with the public. It entails strategic planning, communication and be proactive.


This course will teach participants on how to be prepared for crisis at any time and be able to strategically manage it effectively through planning, effective communication and response system.



Course Outline:


  • Understanding Public Relations

  • The global trend in public relations and business complexities

  • Public relations values and evaluations

  • Role of public relations in organizations

  • Understanding public relations and crisis

  • Definition of crisis and crisis management

  • Differentiating risk and crisis

  • Differentiating risk management and crisis management

  • Impact of crisis management on business and organizations

  • Effective approach to crisis management

  • The PR role in crisis management

  • Crisis in public relations

  • Crisis types by attribution to crisis responsibilities

  • Attribution theory-based crisis communications

  • best practices

  • Pre-crisis phase

  • Creating a crisis management plan

  • Crisis management team

  • Nominating a spokesperson

  • Training the spokesperson

  • Training the team

  • Pre-draft messages

  • Communication channels, Exercising

  • Crisis response

  • Initial response

  • Reputation repair

  • The 10 steps of crisis communications

  • Common crisis management planning mistakes to avoid

  • Effective disaster/crisis communications strategy and critical assumptions

  • 13 Golden rules of PR crisis management

  • Post crisis phase

  • Review

  • Film Clips and role play


Who will attend?

  • Public Relations Managers

  • Public Relations Supervisors

  • Communications Managers, Supervisors

  • Inter-government relations Managers, supervisors

  • Community relations managers, supervisors

  • Public relations, communications  & Inter-government relations personnel


Course Duration:  5 Days | Aug 13 – 23, 2018


Course Location:  Houston



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