Course ID 019E:  Contract Managment & Tender Strategy   September 1 -5  * Houston  

This course will provide participants unique platform to understand contract, procurement and tender process in the context of strategic planning, operations management and supply chain.   It will equip participants with knowledge on best practices, maintain good relationship with contractors, ensuring integrity and adding value to the entire operational chain.


Course Outline:

  • Understanding Contract – What is contract?

  • The Essentials of Contract

  • Overview of the Contracting Process

  • Key Issues in Forming A Contract

  • Contracts Strategy

  • Types of Contracts

  • Contract Policy and Procedure

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Benefits of Supply Chain Management

  • Procurement

  • Procurement as Part of Operations Management

  • Procurement and Project Management

  • Developments in Procurement – Paper, E-Bidding

  • Management of Contracts and Roles of End-Users

  • Best Practice Procurement Process

  • Government Legislation  Affecting Contracts/Procurement

  • Regulations

  • Corrupt Practices

  • Procurement & Strategic Objectives

  • Tendering/Bidding Process

  • Tendering Cycle

  • Key Documents in the Tender Package

  • Selecting Contractors/Pre-Qualification Process

  • Pre- Bidding Meeting

  • Evaluation of Tender Submissions

  • Ensuring Best – Value Selection

  • Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Supply Agreement

  • Forming Relationship with Contractors/ Suppliers

  • Best Practices in Dealing with Contractors/Suppliers

  • Managing Communication with Suppliers/Contrcators

  • Negotiation and Negotiation Skills

  • Stages of Negotiation

  • Closing Negotiation and Agreement Preparation

  • Contract Risk Assessment and Management

  • Managing Contract After Award

  • Kick-Off Meeting

  • Prevention and Control of  Disputes

  • Performance Management

  • Project Management and Contract Administration

  • Team Selection

  • Review of Contract Terms – Small Prints

  • Ethics, Corrupt Practices, Best Practices

  • Case Studies & Reviews


Who Should Attend

  • Contract & Procurement Managers, Directors

  • Supply Chain Managers

  • Drilling Engineers, Project Engineers, Commissioning Engineers,

  • Planning Engineers, Asset Managers

  • Legal Trainees

  • Managers in Strategic Planning

  • Contractors and Suppliers

  • Project Managers


Course Duration: 4 Days


Course Fee$3, 000                                                                        



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