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SECOL offers market business development analysis, geopolitical risk control reports, market intelligence to ensure security of investments, goal optimization and growth.


SECOL’s analyses have helped companies that want to gain entry into new markets  and  strengthen their share in the market.  Through the numerous corporate relationships we have built for several years in the industry, we help companies improve their government-company, business-business relationships and also assist company’s in identifying new opportunities.


We analyze industry trends, research on technologies, processes, products and consumer behaviors.


SECOL is deeply involved in operations consulting where we use innovative operations management concepts/tools and intelligent analysis in proffering solutions to our clients problems and help governments and management of companies reach informed decisions.

-  Informed Researches Based on Facts


-  Backed with Knowledge & Scientific Evidence


-  Delivered in Timely Manner


-   Accurate Geopolitical Reports & Market Intelligence


-  Proferring Management & Technical Solutions


-  Developing Innovative Technologies & Processes


-   Ensuring Business Development & Goal Actualization


-  Identifying Opportunities & Strengthening Brands


- Creating New Markets & Solidifying Relationships






School of Energy & Corporate Leadership (SECOL) is a global organization  that uses award winning experts in  providing training in the areas of energy, oil, gas, petrochemicals, regulations, law, leadership, organizational development , management, finance and economics. We believe strongly in the philosophy that humans are the greatest assets of any country or organization, and therefore should be nurtured with continuous quality training to enhance productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and competitiveness. SECOL will continue to create dynamic environment for capacity building, ensuring high performance, strategic agility, and leadership that would help organizations attain their goals and enable nations optimize socio- economic growth.