Commercializing and leading Change in Oil & Gas Industry

April 2 - 12, 2018    - Houston



Radical evolution in today’s oil industry indicates that companies are struggling to maintain sustainable profitability. Transforming a national oil company to become a commercial entity or an existing organization to become more competitive goes beyond the rudiments of profitability in order to increase bottom-line. It is imperative to understand why an entity should be commercialized, the legal framework, vision, strategies, plans and steps towards the restructuring and commercialization and also building essential knowledge towards financial management.


This course is built to prepare workers and management of any entity that is going through restructuring or reforms towards commercialization to understand the essentials needed in such transformation and how to lead and manage the upcoming change.



Course Outline:




  • Review of the evolution and transformation patterns in the oil and gas industry

  • Why the cookie crumbled?

  • Why commercialize an entity? Fundamental steps towards commercialization – Political, Legal, Economic ( other internal and external environments)

  • Aligning commercialization  with government policy, visions, strategies

  • Understanding essentials of corporate restructuring -  portfolio, financial and organizational restricting

  • Understand these concepts – restructuring, reengineering, restrategizing

  • Understanding operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • Understanding capacity building = human capital, financial, technology and  equipment

  • Understand the political, legal and economic frameworks towards commercialization

  • Understand these concepts: Contracts, Joint Venture, Partnerships, Petroleum Service Contracts, mergers & acquisition, etc.

  • Fundamentals of corporate finance

  • Understanding financial statement, cash flow , profit, working capital , taxes, etc

  • Rudimentary analysis of financial statements

  •  liquidity ratio, asset management ratio, debt management ratio, profitability ratio, market value ratio, price/cash flow ratio, market/book ratio

  • Understand comparative ratio and benchmarking

  • Time value of money, future value, present values

  • Risk, return and the capital asset pricing model

  • Understand return on investments

  • Stocks, stock valuation, and stock market equilibrium

  • Managerial behavior and shareholder wealth

  • Corporate governance

  • Business risk and financial risk

  • Capital structuring theory

  • Leading and managing change

  • Challenges and barriers

  • Success steps

  • Review

  • Duration: 1 week

    April 2 – 12, 2018  |Housto


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