Course ID 024H: Applied HSE Management & Best Practice    Nov. 10 - 15 * Houston

The dictum “health is wealth” and “safety is everybody’s responsibility” apply to individuals, companies and nations. Human capital is the greatest asset of any society. The health of the worker is also aligned to health of the community. This goes in tandem with his safety, the safety of the work place and environment. A crack on the gear teeth of any aspect of HSE will lead to monumental loss of human lives, disabilities, environmental pollution, destruction of the ecology, loss of revenue, massive litigation, marred public relations, more stringent regulations and might even lead to company closure/economic comatose.

There are myriad of backlashes when HSE is not well managed. Considering the complexity of the petroleum industry, the environment where operations are done; the cost of exploration, production and even refining, it becomes very important that proper HSE management must be in place and best practices maintained.


This course teaches participants the principles, practices, and application of HSE in the petroleum industry. At the completion of this course participant will be conscious of the need to imbibe, develop and improve the HSE culture of his organization. Participants will be able to identity HSE risks, assess, monitor, create preventative methods. Participants will also understand the need of team effort and collaboration in ensuring proper HSE as everybody’s responsibility. At successful completion attendees will be able to apply fundamental elements of HSE management aligned to ISO 14001 and OHSAS.

This course involves teaching, interaction, case studies, viewing of videos are used in supporting learning based on real life situations.


Course Content:

  • Overview of the petroleum industry

  • Changes and legislation & Regulations affecting the petroleum industry

  • The place of HSE in the petroleum industry

  • Understanding the principles and practices of HSE

  • HSE as part of organizational culture

  • HSE organization, planning, leading and controlling

  • HSE leadership, management and goals

  • Strategic Planning  & Procedures

  • Building, leading and managing HSE team

  • Decision making

  • Diversity in HSE

  • Risk Assessment and management

  • HSE Budget

  • Inspection and  contractor controls

  • Security, integrity, awareness, remediation

  • Emergency Response

  • Preventive Mechanisms

  • Performance management, Continuous Improvement, Quality Assurance

  • Incident Reporting and Investigation

  • HSE Audit

  • Management Review

  • Best Practices

  • Case Studies


Who Should Attend:

  • HSE professionals, management personnel, supervisors

  • Engineers, Operations Managers

  • Any personnel who is involved in the implementation of HSE in the workplace


Course Duration: 5 days


Course Fee: $3,000                                              


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