Course ID 005B:  Applied Drilling April 14 -18, 2014   *  Houston

This course covers all aspects of drilling to improve the knowledge of participants through best practices, technology, economic modeling and also alert them of the global standards affecting drilling, such as environmental, safety and legal issues.  It provides the necessary knowledge in the planning, drilling of wells and ensuring proper control measures.


Course Outline:


  • Overview of  E & P in oil and gas industry

  • Issues and Challenges

  • The position of drilling in E & P Processes

  • Drilling Process and Equipment

  • Rig Equipment and Types, Vessels

  • Types of Drill Bits

  • Reviewing Drilling Data and Essential Information

  • Well Planning

  • Economic Modeling

  • Well Designs

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Well site team and Office Team

  • Offset Well Analysis, Time , Cost, Risk & AFE Generation

  • Controlling Cost, Conventional and Alternative Methods of Drilling

  • HSE at the Rig Site

  • Rig Capability , Impact of Surface Constraints on Well Sites

  • Hole Cleaning, Sloughing Shale, Lost Circulation, Stuck Pipe, Fishing Operations

  • Selection of Drilling Fluids

  • Drilling Solids Management

  • Mud Tank Arrangement

  • Drilling Fluids Properties

  • Well Control/Interventions

  • Casing – design, point selection, strength, failures, handling, running and hanging practices, BOP

  • Cementing

  • Directional Drilling, Horizontal Drilling, Multilateral Drilling

  • Health, Safety & Environmental Management

  • Global and Legal Issues  Impacting Drilling

  • Reviews


Who Should Attend

  • Drilling Engineers, Field Engineers involved in drilling , Completion Engineers, Drilling Supervisors

  • Petroleum and Production Engineers, Drilling Office Personnel, Managers


Course Duration:                       5 Days


Course Fee:                                $4,000                                                                    




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