Course ID  009C:  Strategic Exploration & Production Accounting  May 26 -30  *  Houston

This course is aimed at improving the knowledge of participants and ensuring capacity building in the performance of International E & P accounting and finance practices which have become germane for success in running businesses in the industry.


This course entails:


  • Presentations

  • Practical examples, exercises

  • Group discussions and reviews

  • Case studies


Course Outline:


Case Studies & Reviews


  • Overview of the E & P industry

  • Changes impacting the industry

  • Impact on accounting and finance in the success or failure of E & P operations

  • Accounting Policies and the oil and gas industry

  • Regulation of  oil and gas accounting

  • Accounting policies and reporting of financial performance

  • Successful efforts and full – cost accounting

  • Reserve data and accounting calculations

  • Calculation of depreciation, depletion and amortization ( DD & A)

  • Impacts of Differing Levels of Capitalized Assets

  • Impact of Financial Statement – FC vs. SE

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Conducting Impairment or Ceiling Test

  • Accounting for Decommissioning Cost

  • Accounting Disclosures

  • International Accounting Standards

  • Sales Revenue and E & P Company Taxes

  • Accounting for Financing Arrangement

  • Government Policies & Legal Frameworks for   E & P

  • Introduction to Joint Venture & Partnerships

  • Why do companies and countries go into Joint Venture

  • Joint Venture and Accounting

  • Preparation and Processing of a Cash Call

  • Unitization and Redetermination

  • Joint Venture Billings/Statement

  • Allocation of a Joint Venture Cost

  • Materials and Inventory Accounting

  • Joint Venture Failures/Issues  Due to Accounting Mistakes

  • Production Sharing Contracts

  • Accounting for Production Sharing Contracts

  • Accounting Issues & Challenges in PSC

  • Project Cost Estimation

  • Control of Capital Expenditure

  • Control of Production Operating Cost

  • Fixed and Variable Cost Analysis

  • Activity Analysis

  • Introduction to Drilling

  • Well Cost Estimation, controlling drilling expenditure

  • Forecasting Drilling AFE Costs

  • Reviewing Well Cost & Completion

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Departmental Budget

  • Performance Measurement

  • Balanced Scorecard

  • Financial and Strategic Planning

  • Ethics & Morality


Who Should Attend

  • Finance and accounting staff

  • Commercial and contract staff  that will benefit from this course


Course Duration5 Days

Course Fee: $4, 000                                                                              


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